Welcome to the Dothan Publication Project's Site on the World-Wide-Web. Tell Dothan is an impressive archaeological mound in the northern Samaria hills, some 22 km north of Shechem. The site was excavated by Dr. Joseph Free in nine seasons between 1953 and 1964. The Dothan Publication Project is currently underway under the direction of Dr. Robert Cooley of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, bringing the results of these excavations to final, full publication.

The Preliminary Reports
"Tell Dothan: The Western Cemetery, with comments on Joseph Free's Excavations, 1953 to 1964" by Robert E. Cooley and Gary D. Pratico -- Based on the article published in 1995, in the 1994
Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research

Internet Addendum
to Robert E. Cooley and Gary D. Pratico, "Tell Dothan: The Western Cemetery, with Comments on Joseph Free's Excavations, 1953-1964" Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research 52 (1994) pp. 147-190.

Photos from the Excavation of Tomb 1
An index of figures from the AASOR article

QuickTime VR Files of Figurine Lamp
Download a photo quality 3D rendition of this one-of-a-kind lamp, T1-2010-P-1344, in high, medium or low resolution files.

Thumbnail Indices of Selected Objects
Scale drawings of all Tomb 1 vessels cited in the AASOR article, including photographs of over 100 cited items published for the first time.

The Tomb 1 Database
Databases of the 3,056 vessels, bronze items and small finds catalogued from Tomb 1. Available for download as tab-delimited files or formatted for FileMaker.


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